Portable Cloud Technology

When making a decission for a cloud hoster, you are faced with some challanges. And what happens if you want to change the provider later on. Use portable cloud technology to stay flexible.

When choosing the right technology, you can be in the cloud and stay flexible, so you can switch from one cloud to the other. We call this portable cloud technology. From the start of any project, you should always consider that at some point you may need to switch from one cloud provider to the other. The reasons for switching can be numerous. Sudden changes in compliance requirements is only one reason why you may need to switch.

Granted, some of the things which are offered by the various cloud services are great. But most of the functionalities can be built into your own cloud inside the cloud and thus keeps you flexible. A move from one provider to the other can then be done in a couple of hours or days (depending on the size of your data) as compared to a couple of months. Also, since you simply pick up your stuff and drop it on the new server, everything will work perfectly. Compare that to migrating from one platform to the other with proprietory functions. Those will have to be replicated in the new environment and in the end tested to see if it will all work.

  • Cloud in Cloud

  • Switch providers in hours

  • Stay flexible